This week was an interesting week at Allison. It marked the third week of the ‘Crazy’ series that we’ve been going through of late, with this week’s message focusing on the ‘fake it until you feel it’ philosophy that people sometimes subscribe to (but more on that later). This has certainly been a thought-provoking series, as it’s been dealing with some of the false ideas that we sometimes subscribe to in different ways.

One of the other key features of this series has been the use of secular songs that center around the word ‘crazy’ in their themes and lyrics as a lead-in for the message. This particular week, we were treated to a performance of Hannah Montana’s ‘Let’s Get Crazy’.

The message itself focused on the idea that if we simply act as though we have our spiritual lives in order, eventually our actions will soak into our souls and we’ll be spiritually mature. The point, of course, is that it’s the opposite that’s actually true – we need to be changed on the inside first, and when our hearts change, so do our actions and attitudes.

As many of you are aware, I try to participate off and on (hopefully soon it will be more on than off) in the Sunday Setlist blog carnival, which has recently moved from Fred McKinnon’s blog to  As part of it, worshipers can post recaps of their services with a list of the songs that were sung. Anyone is welcome to participate, be they worship leaders, pastors, support people, or anyone who might be in the congregation. All you have to do is blog about the worship service you attended and post a link to your post on this page. Whether you blog or not, though, please feel free to check out the links to the other recaps that people post. It’s really cool to see what others are experiencing in their respective services as we all join for worship at different times and in different ways.

So, without further ado, This weekend’s setlist for Allison Church:

Meet With Me
How He Loves
Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone)

Before the Message:
Let’s Get Crazy – Hannah Montana

From the Inside Out

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