This is a cross-post from The Nevers’ Adventures.

Alright, so there’s really not much to say beyond the title, but I’ll tell a little bit of the story.

We had been a little confused about our end-date, so we met with our boss two weeks ago to discuss the matter. At the meeting, she said that, based on the current enrollment, they were going to be downsizing a little and replacing me and Shannon with only one foreign teacher. She also said that, provided they could find someone to replace us, we would be completing our contract sometime in October. We said, ‘okay’, and went on our merry way, still wondering when exactly we were going to be heading home.

Fast forward to this week, and I’ll map this out for you a little bit.

Monday – I decide that I need to start emailing some people to let them know that we’re going to be coming home a little sooner than anticipated.

Tuesday – We get to work, and our other boss comes in to meet with us, tells us the new guy’s paperwork is almost done, and asks us when we’d like to go home. We say, ‘Whatever’s going to be best for you,’ so he replies by saying that THIS weekend is impossible, because it’s a major holiday in Korea this weekend (Chuseok, but we’ll have more on that later), but NEXT weekend should be alright. Shannon and I are in a little bit of shock, but we say, ‘okay’ and go on our merry way.

Wednesday – We look at possible flights and compare what we’ve found with what our boss has found, tickets are purchased, and we’re set to go, followed closely by tickets being purchased for the new guy. Shannon and I are still in shock, but we now have our tickets in hand, so we need to start making arrangements.

Thursday – We go to the post office to send a bunch of our stuff home, which we had been planning to do anyway, but now there’s a sense of urgency to it, because there’s a good chance we’re going to beat our stuff home, now. We send numerous emails to people, making last minute arrangements for the end of our time in Korea.

So, at this point, we’re still trying to figure some things out, but one thing we do know for certain: we’re leaving Korea at 5:20pm on Sunday October 11, and landing in Halifax at 1:45am on Monday October 12 (and if you’re following the time zones, that means that we’re going to be in transit for 20 hours, and yet only 8 hours will have passed on the clock).

We still don’t completely believe this is happening, but we’re excited to be coming home and we’re looking forward to seeing all of you for whom we’ve been writing this blog over the last year. So, as our second-last week winds to a close, we ask for your prayer as we get ready for the journey home.