Just for a change of pace, I thought I'd share a little something I received from one of my students. I'll not share the student's name for obvious reasons, but it just felt the need to share it.
Here goes:

I send a free time mainly from inside.
To summer goes out in order for the outside to be hot and thing especially well. But winter the same case is different.
Also the probably different friends to winter are only the field to go out plentifully. Like summer is not hot is not and the cool snow gets off. So to summer the fact that divides from the outside likes the fact that is in the rather cool room and to winter like. When mainly being in the room, sees a novel with the usual computer, or, game.
In game disguises and there is a game which does not want Pelusonar 4 is.
Once buys will see is in the process of thinking in this time.

Did you notice the subtle dictionary use for effect? For the record, this is from a brand new student, so this sort of thing is not all that common. Also, in case you were wondering, this was in response to the question, 'In the summer, do you prefer to spend your free time inside or outside?'

Hope you enjoyed this brief glimpse into my classroom.