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It’s been a fair little while since I’ve written anything here, so let’s play catchup first. If you’ve been following The Nevers’ Adventures, then you know that we’ve decided to return to Canada at the end of our first year in Korea, rather than stay for a second (or more). The result of that, of course, is that we have to decide what we’re going to do when we get back. Therefore, through the month of June, I’ve been on a little bit of a blogging break while I prayed through our plans for the coming winter. I decided it best to put all of my writing energy into getting down in words what I felt my call to ministry was and how I wanted to do ministry. I must say, I didn’t originally expect it to take a whole month to complete, but I feel now that I’ve got a little bit of a better handle on what I’m supposed to do when we return to Canada.

That said, it’s in God’s hands now as to how this knowledge will work out in real life. My prayer is to find a church in the Maritimes where I can serve, and where I’ll be free to pursue my Master’s degree on a part-time/correspondent basis. I’ve no desire to back to school full-time, but I want to continue my education, especially since I know there’s a lot I DON’T know about ministry at this early point in my life (and to think, I used to be sure I’d have life all figured out by 25!). However, the difficult point has come where I have to trust that my interpretation of what God wants is correct, and that the church that calls me shares a similar vision for ministry as I do.

So, as I play the waiting game, I’d ask for prayer as I begin to wait on the call that will determine the next stage of life for me and my family.


Life Happens Between Sundays

This topic has been sitting in my blog editor for over a month, and I’ve kept looking at it and passing it over for just the reasons that I’m going to discuss here. Hopefully it won’t take me another month to get it posted.

The more time I spend doing ministry, the more I learn. With the exception of summer ministries, I’ve always done ministry on a part-time or volunteer basis. That means that, as much as my desire is to do full-time ministry, so far, I’ve had only my spare time in which to do work for God.

But wait, Darrell! Something doesn’t seem right about that. Are you saying that we should devote our free time to do ministry?

Well, yes and no. What I’m saying is my ability to pursue church ministry seems hampered at times by other things in my life. I’m very much in support of everyone doing ministry ALL the time, which is something to which I believe every believer is called. The catch is that many believers have ‘real lives’ that take up real time in their weeks, and it’s a challenge sometimes for us to keep our focus on Godly things, not to mention actually ministering to people around us.

In my life, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to serve with a number of different ministries, and I feel truly blessed that God allows me to do church ministry wherever I go. The challenge that I’ve always found is that my heart yearns to do church ministry full-time, but until now I’ve not been given that opportunity on a long-term basis. As a result, I get to be part of that ‘real life’ crowd that I mentioned earlier.

(of course I’m not saying that those in ministry don’t have real lives – I’m merely using ‘real life’ to refer to jobs and commitments outside the church building)

What I’ve noticed as I’ve been trying to balance my ‘real life’ with God’s call for me is that we need to be continually making an EFFORT not to forget God in our day-to-day lives. It’s so easy just to go about our business and do what we need to do to get by, and when we get ourselves into a routine like that, things that we deem ‘unnecessary’ to our getting by fall by the wayside. It’s not until we go back to church on Sunday that we are reminded that we’re supposed to be doing more than just getting by – we’re supposed to be lives that are not our own.

Many people are under the impression that, once we have Christ in our lives, everything will be just hunky-dorey (spelling?). Unfortunately, these people are missing the parts where Jesus said, “in this world you will have trouble” (John 16.33b), and “you will be hated by all because of Me” Mark (13.13a). Of course we can take comfort in the fact that Jesus also says, “but fear not -I have overcome the world” (John 16.33c), because indeed He has, but He also says, “the one who endures to the end will be saved” (Mark 13.13b).

I got some wonderful advice from a good friend many years ago, and it went something like this: “living the Christian life is a struggle, and the sooner we realize and accept that, the easier it is to face that struggle.” Jesus calls us to endure; Paul calls us to “pray without ceasing” (1 Thess. 5.17); but, most importantly, Jesus promises we don’t have to face the struggle alone. He’s promised the Holy Spirit will be with us to help us through the times of trouble, so we don’t have to be alone when life happens between Sundays.