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During the weeks where we were without a computer, I realized something. Well, I suppose I realized several somethings. But the main something that I realized was that without a computer, it wasn’t as much the access to my email or the ability to read my RSS feeds or anything like that – it was the fact that I didn’t have access to my music for those weeks. I still have yet to locate a serviceable guitar, and our MP3 player went through the wash…twice…before we found it, so I was completely cut off from my music for quite some time.

I look back at that time, though, and I realized that as much as it hurt not to be able to listen to or play music for a time, I never actually stopped singing. In fact, the other week at church, Shannon hit me a couple times because I started humming worship songs during the sermon without even realizing it! I may not have had any of the tools of my trade, but in my heart, a song was always playing, and more often than not my lips would start moving and I would start singing out praise to God as I walked through the city. And it was in those moments that I would forget about the hurdles I had before me and thank God for the many blessings that He has given.

I’m still on the hunt for a guitar, and I’ve got plans to pick up a couple of shiny new iPod Touches for me and Shannon in the next few weeks so that I can have access to my music in every way possible, but I’m no longer hurting as badly about it as I was at first, because I remember that I can still find God’s presence without any of the accouterments that I grow so accustomed to having, and not having them doesn’t need to (and indeed it seems that it can’t) stop me from singing.


I’m really hoping that I’ll figure out what to do with this blog soon. It seems I’ve been using the family blog more than this one (and for good reason, since it’s to let everyone back home know what’s going on in our lives), and I’ve never really put any effort into getting this one off the ground.

Let’s start here:
I spend a lot of time thinking about the future, knowing that eventually Shannon and I are going to come home from Korea and we need to be ready to get our lives underway when we do come home. We’ve got a list of things we’d like to do, including getting a house and starting a family, but the questions that rattle around in my mind the most is where we are going to end up and what we’re going to do. Anyone who knows me knows that my heart is in ministry, specifically music ministry, but I don’t know in what capacity I should be doing it. My dream would be to do music ministry as a full-time job, but I don’t know how likely it will be that I can do that in the Maritimes. I don’t feel that we necessarily have to settle down in the Maritimes, but it would certainly be nice to think that we could.

I also know that, as much as I’m not really a school person, I really ought to get my Master’s eventually. If I do, though, I know that I would only do it if I can find a Master’s in worship leading / music ministry, and I’d like to be able to do it as much as possible by correspondence (unless of course God brings me to a church near a school that offers such a program).

The other side of this is that we do still have at least a year (hopefully two) to figure all of this out, and so there’s no rush in finding an answer (not to mention the fact that God has a wonderful way of changing our plans for us sometimes). So what I really need to do is put a lot of this into God’s hands for now and really focus on what’s going on around me here in our new hometown of Daejeon.

This has really been quite a rant (which I guess is what I created this blog for)! Maybe there is a use for this blog after all! Thanks for the patience in waiting for me to actually post something substantial.

Coming up sometime (hopefully soon): photography and ministry….or something like that….